Effective Methods Of Hair Replacement And Restoration

Methods of overcoming the problem and finding a hair replacement solution can be difficult. This is because hair restoration is extremely personal and individuals simply want to feel ‘normal’ again. Losing one’s hair can have quite a negative psychological and physical impact. So it’s vital to have a hair replacement solution that looks and feels as natural as possible – and helps you resume a normal, active life. What are the most effective hair restoration solutions available?

First of all, it’s important to seek the advice of a fully-trained hair loss or replacement expert. It is not normally in your regular hairdresser’s remit to fully diagnose your hair loss problem or prescribe the best form of action. A qualified trichologist will however be able to diagnose your problem and recommend a possible hair loss treatment looking at your condition, and consider various elements of your general health and lifestyle.

If your hair loss is mild, you might want to consider a topical solution such as a cover cream or concealing spray. These products temporarily cover the balding or thinning area and match your hair colour.

If you are experiencing significantly thinning hair, there are further hair replacement solutions which make the best of the latest hair technology. For men, a bespoke hair system with purpose-made synthetic hair is an extremely popular method of hair restoration. This custom-made system is made to your exact colour, style and density specifications. It is fixed in place with a specially-formulated, skin adhesive and can stay in place for 4-6 weeks before a maintenance/re-grooming is required. During this appointment, your stylist will remove the unit, renew the adhesive, restyle your own hair replace the unit to ensure tip-top appearance. The synthetic hair responds just like human hair and absorbs moisture; it can be styled using special hair care products etc and shampooed as part of your normal routine.

For women with thinning hair on top, a process called ‘Hair Integration’ is proving very popular. This involves creating a specially-designed hair piece which features soft and luxurious real hair attached to a mesh base. The base is attached to the scalp, some of the existing hair is pulled through the mesh and blended or ‘integrated’ with the hairpiece hair. In both of the above cases, the end result is a full head of hair that can also help restore self-esteem and confidence.